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1984  to PRESENT DAY

Trafton Academy was founded in August 1984 when a group of concerned parents was searching for a state approved, quality education for their children.  Although Trafton is not associated with the former Trafton Academy in Baton Rouge (now Dunham School) nor Trafton Academy in Houston, Texas, the same person organized our new school.  Trafton was built to include nine separate buildings with two classrooms in most buildings. This was done with the thought that if the school failed, the buildings could be converted into apartments. Little did the original organizers anticipate the success in Trafton’s future!

Trafton Academy originally began with grades kindergarten through ninth. Tenth and eleventh grades were added over a two year period with the intent of having a graduating class during the third year. Economics proved this to be a hardship.  The school was reorganized as GADD Corporation in 1987 with Dr. Gene McDonald, retired principal of SLU Lab School, being hired as principal.  Dr. McDonald remained with Trafton as principal until his retirement in May 2008. Our school gym was named in his honor as the “Gene P. McDonald Gymnasium”.

Pre-Kindergarten was added in 1987 with the school being scaled back to eighth grade.  Being a tuition driven school, improvements were made as economics provided. The gym was added in 1996, the lunch pavilion in 2000, and the covered walkways in 2004.  The playground and brick patio were added during subsequent years.

Mrs. Susan B. Day became principal upon Dr. McDonald’s retirement.  Mrs. Day has been associated with Trafton in one capacity or another (parent-volunteer-librarian-teacher-assistant principal) since 1985. She continues Dr. McDonald’s dream of providing a quality education in a family-like setting where children are encouraged to not only remain individuals but to excel academically.

Pre-kindergarten three was added beginning with the 2017-2018 school year.  Our teacher/student ratio remains low with pre-kindergarten three having a teacher and two aides to eighteen students. Pre-kindergarten four and kindergarten have a teacher and an aide to twenty students. Grades first and second have aides, either full-time or part-time, with twenty five students.  Grades third through eighth have up to twenty-five students depending upon the needs of the class. 

Trafton’s success is credited to the hard work of devoted, loyal, and highly qualified administrators, faculty, and staff. We look forward to many more years of success of educating our students towards their own bright, productive futures!

Mission Statement

Trafton is a non-discriminatory school. Students of any race, color, nationality, or ethnic origin are admitted to the school and are accorded all rights, privileges, and activities generally made to students at the school.

Beginning 2017-2018

 Pre-Kindergarten 3

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